About us

Moxser is a website for my mix collection, I've added 84000 mixes so far (January 2024) All free to stream though transcoded down to 96kbps for various reasons Please don't ask for downloads

The site can be a bit buggy on a phone, it's better on a PC-Laptop but I'm in the process of having a new site built Hopefully it will be up and running in 2 or 3 months,

There will be space for flyers, tracklists ect for each mix, a new look and a new media player.

The search feature on the main page shows everything that has been added so far The collection button shows the 350 odd categories added so far, more added each week.....

Updates posted to my Patreon, free to all no privileges patreon.com/Moxser

Facebook page for everything else facebook.com/M0XSER

Get in touch moxser.info@gmail.com

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