Dean Sherry

Electronic Music Producer, DJ & live artist.

Production alias/aka: DSP; PHUNK’DUP; Prime8; Hytus; DTune

Genres Electronic Dance Music; House, Techno, Electro, Rave, Ambient/Electronica.

Award winning Independent Music Professional. International DJ & Producer, based
in Ireland. Club DJ with international touring experience working with some of the
planet's biggest names over the last 25+ years. Live Artist with the PHUNK'DUP

Promoter for PHEVER & Electric, with large club events every quarter in Dublin’s
Button Factory. Also annual booker with Solas Festival.

Club residencies include Shaft, Ormond, Olympic, Temple, POD, System, Kitchen,
Switch, Garage, Dame Lane, Lillies, Thompsons, Network, Shine, Purty, HMV, Music
Factory, Pasha, Velvet, Tube, Renaissance, Wax, Radio City, Tin Pan Alley, Soda
Club, Purple Onion, Sir Henry's, GPO, Legends, Sirens, Ormond Multi Media Ctr,
Vaults, Strictly Rhythm, 303, Sides, Asylum, Zanzibar, Odeon, Isaac Butts, Spirit,
Ten, Lush, Red Box, Point, Zoo, Sin, Traffic, Republica, BoomBoom Rooms, Shine,
Slatterys, Mean Fiddler, Eamon Dorans, Purty Loft, MONO & The Wright Venue

Dean has DJed with names such as Vath, Hawtin, Oakenfold, Sasha/Digweed, Cox,
Clarke, Tong, Slam, Rampling, Humphries, Morales, Emerson, C, Knuckles,
Saunderson, Warren, Fontaine, Howlett, Beltram, C, Jefferson, Knuckles, MAW,
Sanchez +many, many more.

Founding Director with DSP & PHEVER. Booker for various events, festivals &
corporates all over Ireland.

Label boss with IDM:Recordings. DJ & Studio Technology trainer with Virtu Studios,
level 6 audio engineer.

Dean is founder and Director partner of global broadcast & publishing brand

Dean has published works and released various tracks on vinyl & digital, mainly
under the guise of PHUNK'DUP via Impulsive Records.
Dean restarted own productions ~2020 on solo music production projects as well
as collaborative releases pending, and possibly a new label and artist development
programme via the PHEVER:Academy in near future. Recent releases with TenOne

Bi-weekly host of online headline TV-Radio broadcast show on
‘PHUNK’DUP:Radio’ Fridays 6-8pmUTC globally simulcast on all major platforms
around the planet plus audio on-demand platforms.
Weekly host of PHEVER:Select global podcast syndication (podomatic)