About Moxser

Welcome to the new version of the site! 
There are still some things to fine-tune, but having it live makes ongoing improvements easier.

I’ve dedicated all my spare time over the past few months to this project, and I’m more than a little  burnout. 
There’s one final push planned over the next few weeks, and then I’ll be taking a short break before starting the next phase.

Due to a database import error, there are quite a few duplicates. I’ll be editing these out as I find them.

Here’s a quick guide to the site:

Main Page:
Displays the latest updates and new entries.
Every addition and edit, no matter how small, will show up here. This is a fantastic feature for me while I work on the site.
I will also post a list of new mixes added to the site on Patreon as I add them, this will always be free to access.

Mixes Page:
This will be the slowest page to load as it reads all mixes in the database, which currently stands at about 69,000.

Artist Page:
Shows everything related to a selected artist.
I’ve spent a lot of time cross-referencing the collection to ensure mixes appear in all relevant categories.
Radio shows can also be linked to relevant artists.

Stands for Radio, Events, Venues, and Series. This is the best I could come up with for now.

If you’d like to help in any way, please drop me a line at [email protected].