Hernan Cattaneo

El Maestro

Hernan Cattaneo began his DJ career in his teens, immersing himself in the city's vibrant nightlife. 
He gained traction in the global electronic music scene during the 1990s, renowned for his ability to seamlessly merge progressive, house, techno, and trance elements in his sets.

Cattaneo's influence expanded with the release of his mix compilation series, notably "Renaissance: Sequential" and "Perfecto Presents: South America," which showcased his unique style and solidified his status as a pioneer in progressive house.

As a producer, Cattaneo has released original tracks and remixes on labels like Sudbeat, Renaissance, and Bedrock Records. 
His collaborations with artists like John Tonks (as "Satellite") and Soundexile have further enriched his discography, featuring intricate soundscapes and emotive melodies.

Cattaneo's impact extends beyond his music; he's lauded for his humility and dedication to the electronic music community. 
He continues to tour extensively, performing at renowned clubs and festivals worldwide, captivating audiences with his dynamic DJ sets and innovative soundscapes.

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Hernan Cattaneo