Timur Ismagilov

Better known by his stage name Monoloc, He is a prominent figure in the techno scene, celebrated for his unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes and driving rhythms. 

Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, Monoloc emerged in the late 2000s with releases on labels like CLR and Dystopian.

His music often delves into darker, more introspective realms, exploring themes of isolation and introspection. 

Tracks like "Try" and "Gipson" showcase his ability to craft immersive sonic experiences that resonate deeply with listeners.

Monoloc's discography includes a mix of EPs, albums, and remixes, each contributing to his reputation for delivering quality techno with a distinct emotional depth. His debut album "Drift" was released in 2012 to critical acclaim, further establishing his place in the techno landscape.

As a DJ, Monoloc is known for his captivating sets that blend cutting-edge techno with elements of industrial and experimental music. He's performed at renowned clubs and festivals worldwide, earning a dedicated following for his dynamic performances.